P.T. Kahajaya Marine is a company which specialises in Aluminium Boat Manufacturing. We cater for transportation, patrol, survey, and pleasure boats.


We started as a medium business with New Zealand’s engineers support in 1992.Through almost two decades of experience, we became well known in this industry.


During the early years, P.T. Kahajaya Marine produced numorous medium sized pleasure craft, then as the company grew we are able to cater for bigger clients and a wider market. We are now able to produce and supply a larger range of products suitable for our clients.


With our corrosion-free marine grade aluminium material, our engineers are able to produce high quality aluminium boats, that are better in design, fuel effiency and strength, that meets with our customers’ satisfaction.


P.T Kahajaya Marine is a proficient aluminium boat manufacturer that provides quality products and services to suit all our various customers’ needs.